About me

Photography actually stops the time  – in the moment of taking it. Feeling all this excitement, connection, beauty, emotions. Seeing the picture again we are back in the same moment with memory of what we felt then – love, happiness, friendship, butterflies…

It is  great to share it with somebody who has been there with us  –  this way we can relieve the memory again and again.

It is also great to share it with other people –  to let them into our past, to show them important  parts of our life.

So photography can stop the time…

I’ve been photographing people and animals all my life.  Recently I’ve started  new, this time professional  journey called Kate Pressler photography.

I am passionate about people and animal photography, learning new curves every day. It gives me great delight and excitement not only to capture the special moments but also to present complete, splendid images to my satisfied clients.

I am honest, open and patient – that helps me to overcome the difficulties of each photography sessions. Ability to listen allows me to catch unique pictures and deliver them to you in variety of forms.

Yes, in today world we can all take photos with cameras, phones, iPads….
but memories are such an important thing. It is a great responsibility to be trusted with them. So, please, let me capture them for you, to stop the time for this extraordinary moment.